Hijabers Community, a Stylish Moslem Phenomenom

New way of wearing veil

Known as the biggest Moslem country in the world, there is no wonder that one can see Moslem women wearing veils almost everywhere in Indonesia. Wearing veil is one of the obligations for Moslem women to get God’s willing in their lives. The main points of wearing it is to look modest and to be protected from sexual harassment. Although it upholds religious values, wearing veils used to be closely related to be the dressing style of old or mature Moslem women. In another situation, women wear veils after they get married. It happens because wearing veils needs a personal commitment between a woman and God. Those who are not ready for that religious commitment will find it difficult to wear polite long dress and veil that don’t show any of her body curve nor hair. This kind of dressing is known as jilbab. Because of the rules for wearing jilbab, many women prefer wearing veils after they get married.

As time goes by, many Indonesian women wear veils now. Instead of jilbab, they prefer wearing hijab. Hijab has replaced jilbab and currently becomes the new way of dressing for young Moslem women, even teenagers. Hijab and jilbab basically have the same meaning, which is to cover women and protect them from unwanted treatments. However, hijab style offers bright colors like pink or yellow, various veil creation, two-piece kind of dresses that sometimes show the body curve because the outfits are not too loose like conventional jilbab ones.

Hijabers, a nick for women who wear hijabs, are often seen young, fresh, fashionable and cool. Their style has become trending since last year and it seems that more and more young Moslem women wear hijabs because of them. More surprisingly, in 2012 several hijabers went online and established a community for hijabers named Hijabers Community (HC). Hijabers community established in every big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and etc. They have made tutorial videos on how to stylize the veil and posted them on blog, and as well shared the latest hijab style, fashion tips, life events, community reports, and memberships. Not only being active online, HC also compiled the hijab tutorial photos into books. The books are now displayed in best-selling section in bookstores all over Jakarta. Their event also corporate with famous local brand such as Wardah cosmetics.  From what I see, Internet has united the hijabers and turned them into the new walking fashion icons in daily life. Before hijabers exist like nowadays, women had to go to the market to buy veils and the style are so freakin boring. Now they can buy veils and stylish Moslem hijabs with various colors and fashionable-gorgeous style through online shops.

Hijabers plays with bright color and motive

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