Kopi Darat as a way to prevent fraud In E-commerce


kaskus website. The largest Indonesian community

Kopi Darat in English literally means ‘ground coffee’, but it is actually a term that refers to meeting in person between consumer to consumer when they used e-commerce services for trading. Internet users are familiar with this term especially young people who are active users of e-commerce and internet In Indonesia. Kopi darat as an e-commerce term was firstly used by Kaskusers, a term to refer netizens who are active in Kaskus forums. It has affected other e-commerce websites ever since. “As matter a fact, E-commerce rate is raising from 3% in 2009 and became 6% in July 2012. The value of E-commerce was gaining 290 dollar AS,” according to Andi Surja Boediman, Presiden Direktur Ideoworks (Kompas 05/06/2012).

Kaskus is the most famous E-commerce forum in Indonesia, we can find almost everything including expensive items such as handphone, tablet, Laptop, Camera SLR, and etc. Those expensive items are the main factors that created the term of Kopi Darat. Basically, internet users are doing kopi darat only when they need to buy expensive stuff that cost from Rp 500.000 and above. Unfortunately, Indonesia doesn’t have secure payment system yet for E-commerce, event some website have their own payment systems nowadays to prevent online trading fraud but internet user’s were creating their own way to feel safe by meet in person. I think internet generations was a smart buyers that build their own way to prevent the risk. Besides creating a kopi darat system, buyers also reported their opinion and comment on each seller whether positive or bad, as a tool to helping others being smart buyers. Meanwhile, for cheap product with the possibility of losing a big amount of money is small, buyers were not creating any protection and kopi darat system become unimportant.

What did they do basically is simple, buyer and seller will arrange the meeting place and time for doing Kopi Darat, then buyers will take a look the condition and having a moment to try the function in details. If a buyer doesn’t like the items condition then the trade process will be over in stage I. Stage II is price negotiation that will take several minutes, the trade could be over if the price didn’t match between them. Stage III is about how to deliver the money. If buyers were willing to pay in cash then the seller will sit in their place and hold the items until the buyers coming back from ATM with cash money. Most sellers prefer to get non cash so both of them were going to the ATM together, after the seller get the ATM receipt then buyers will get the items. Stage 4 is shake hand moment as the symbol of the end of the kopi darat process. Kopi darat now becomes part of life style for internet users. It is also considered as a habit that exists since E-commerce began in Indonesia.


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