Define me: happy person in wonderfull life


I would like to shouting out few things for someone out there..who recently judging me but never meet me in person

1. Thank you so much for reading my blog..I hope you like it what I have been posted in here 🙂

2. not define me from my blog. Because this blog and everything that I wrote in here was only a few pieces of me. Dont describe my personality for real based on this.. It just a small part of my wonderfull life, when I wrote about my past surely is something that will not describe my will stay there became a short memories that changed me into better person and that it!

3 When it’s come to love, dont define me from what I wrote in blog..I was a wonderfull person which you can notice how wonderfull I am from real friendship in real life. Someone that i meet in was shape me to be who I am nowadays…but doesnt describe the whole stories of my life..that will be happy and peacefull anytime soon. Period

4. Surely it does..what ever I wrote in here sometimes showing my emotional track..but those track not gonna played forever, the confusion or any feeling that might showing in post that I made..not last forever..because basically I’m a happy person in my happy life and surrounded by positive people who care about me.

5. Please read me but dont judge me…and can track my twitter and peek my will not get a complete conclusion about me and who I am as person

I will be laugh so hard for people who define me from social media…because what you see was only a small things. Meet and greet with me in real life..and please define me  slowly..I bet you gonna likes me as a person ;)..yes it is



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