Lost in Prasasti Museum, Indonesia

Hi there. If you stop by in Jakarta, don’t forget to visit Prasasti Museum to get the most artistic statue which definitely noted as the beauty of art from Dutch colonial era. Trust me..it will spoil your eyes ^^

Praying Statue
Praying Statue

The museum was formerly a cemetery, built by the Dutch government in 1795. It was the oldest modern cemetery in Indonesia, yet the only one Museum of its kind in Jakarta.

Broken Statue
Broken Statue

Person that buried in the cemetery are mostly came from Dutch and one Indonesian famous activist who died in Sumeru mountain, Soe Hok Gie.

Angel Wing
Angel Wing

As matter a fact, Indonesian people’s tend to use this cemetery as favorit place to take picture because we think is very good for photos background, either for personal photos or editorial ones. So don’t be so surprise if you find a group of teenagers wearing costume and make up as they taking picture inside the museum just for fun. Lucky me, I found lovely model in blue who in action..yippie^^

Model in Blue
Model in Blue

Sssssttt…this is the ugly part, the museum was not really in good shape right now. Umm..lack of attention from our government. Several statues are broken and so many junk *hiks. But…it’s a great plus cheap spot to enjoy your weekend.


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