The Beauty of Semeru

The Beauty of Indonesia Nature

I love Mountain, the only place where I can hear bird singing happily and the star are more clearly in the night. This Pict, taking by me. When my right hand focusing on my camera while my left hand so busy hanging in the side of Jeep-On my why to Semeru^^


Lost in Prasasti Museum, Indonesia

Hi there. If you stop by in Jakarta, don’t forget to visit Prasasti Museum to get the most artistic statue which definitely noted as the beauty of art from Dutch colonial era. Trust will spoil your eyes ^^

Praying Statue
Praying Statue

The museum was formerly a cemetery, built by the Dutch government in 1795. It was the oldest modern cemetery in Indonesia, yet the only one Museum of its kind in Jakarta.

Broken Statue
Broken Statue

Person that buried in the cemetery are mostly came from Dutch and one Indonesian famous activist who died in Sumeru mountain, Soe Hok Gie.

Angel Wing
Angel Wing

As matter a fact, Indonesian people’s tend to use this cemetery as favorit place to take picture because we think is very good for photos background, either for personal photos or editorial ones. So don’t be so surprise if you find a group of teenagers wearing costume and make up as they taking picture inside the museum just for fun. Lucky me, I found lovely model in blue who in action..yippie^^

Model in Blue
Model in Blue

Sssssttt…this is the ugly part, the museum was not really in good shape right now. Umm..lack of attention from our government. Several statues are broken and so many junk *hiks. But…it’s a great plus cheap spot to enjoy your weekend.

Focus Expo 2013 and Sony Nex 5R

I dont what it is..some kind of meat. SOny nex 5R Result
I dont know what it is..some kind of meat. Sony nex 5R Result

Focus Expo 2013 adalah pameran terbesar kamera, yaitu acara tahunan yg paling ditunggu tunggu oleh gadjet freak se-Jakarta, termasuk saya. Hari sabtu, 9 Maret 2013,  saya habiskan waktu dengan muter muter ke semua booth terutama booth kamera.  Akhirnya setelah berbingung-bingung ria, besoknya pada hari minggu saya pun eksis lagi di Focus dan membeli Sony NEX 5R..jeng..jeng!!! Sebelumnya, saya adalah pemakai DLSR Canon 550 D dengan lensa kit, yang akhirnya berpaling ke Sony Nex karena lebih sesuai dengan kebutuhan saya untuk memotret dimana saja dan kapan saja. Apalagi memotret street photography…gak mungkin donk bawa DSLR  tiap hari diantara tumpukan dokumen kantor, beraaaat! Kelebihan Sony Nex adalah ringan kecil dan masuk ke tas, gak repot deh! Pastinya, keren bgt untuk foto low light. Berikut hasil foto malam dengan sony nex 5R.. Sony nex have a good performance at night..please see the result below

Last, big thx to ranger hitam atas ilmu dan obrolan ringan ditengah seruput kopi murah soal kamera 🙂

@ JCC Senayan 10-03-2013 (Sony Nex 5R)
Sony Nex 5R–Low light result
Sony Nex 5R low light result
Sony Nex 5R low light result
sony nex 5R low light result
sony nex 5R low light result


Did you see that broken boat? Sad isn’t it?

It’s not that we aren’t meant to be together,

I think that we’re just not ready for forever

Dok Dynaputri

aku membuang muka ketika laut tenang yang ku lihat membawa ikan-ikan segar ke tepian, lalu menepikan kehadiran mu yang mulai langka. Aku menatap malas pada lampu lampu kota yang berkedip cerah ketika hitam memenuhi ruangan saat bayangan mu perlahan memudar. Kini, aku mulai mengerti ketika wajah ku memerah dan mata ku memanas bersamaan, bahwa ada hal dalam hidup yang tak bisa di paksakan.

High School Student Created a Purifying Tool for Contaminated Water in Sidoarjo

Sidoarjo water resources have been contaminated by the mudflow caused by PT Lapindo-Brantas for almost 6 years. Since that, Sidoarjo citizens were complaining their contaminated water resources, which are very important for daily needs such as drinking, washing, and bathing.

Pungky Hertanto, a high school student from a small town Mojokerto, who actually living near to mudflow areas, found a technology to clean the water pollution. His innovation brings him to be the first winner of the national scientific innovation competition last September 2012.

Pungky developed water-purifying equipment by testing water from six different resources. He checked out the water temperature, color, smell, and the bacterium to find out how bad the mud has contaminated the water. After that, he bought some equipment to build water-purifying equipment that costs him Rp 100.000.

With only small amount of money, he bought zeolit to reduce the water smell, manganese greensand to reduce iron and bacterium, and dry bagasse as water purifier. He made a pipe as the water goes to get clean, with electricity help and ultra violet lamp to make it prefect. He made a tool that looks like a shoot gun and he named it as SPAT, a short for Sistem Penjernih Air Terintegrasi (Integrated Water-Purifying System).

  As a result, after using SPAT, the water quality in two sampling areas are successfully clean based on the Ministry of Health’ standard. However, the rest water resources are not fully clean, the cleanliness level is only around 61% – 77%. Although his innovation is not perfect yet, Pungky is quite satisfied with the result. In the future he will create better tools in big scale for Sidoarjo citizens, so they will have more clean water resources for daily life usage.

This innovation might look ordinary because a high school student invented it and the effects of the result can only be seen in small scale. However, if the government helps with better research and funding aspects, the SPAT water purifier can be developed further and in big scale so the effects will be bigger and there will be more Sidoarjo citizens that can enjoy clean water for their daily lives.

In my opinion, if the government supports this kind of invention, there will be more high school students like Pungky who will create and innovate useful things out of the knowledge that they get from school. More students will be more eager to apply their knowledge to the society and help improving many people’s lives, as well as earning achievements in their early teenage.

Hijabers Community, a Stylish Moslem Phenomenom

New way of wearing veil

Known as the biggest Moslem country in the world, there is no wonder that one can see Moslem women wearing veils almost everywhere in Indonesia. Wearing veil is one of the obligations for Moslem women to get God’s willing in their lives. The main points of wearing it is to look modest and to be protected from sexual harassment. Although it upholds religious values, wearing veils used to be closely related to be the dressing style of old or mature Moslem women. In another situation, women wear veils after they get married. It happens because wearing veils needs a personal commitment between a woman and God. Those who are not ready for that religious commitment will find it difficult to wear polite long dress and veil that don’t show any of her body curve nor hair. This kind of dressing is known as jilbab. Because of the rules for wearing jilbab, many women prefer wearing veils after they get married.

As time goes by, many Indonesian women wear veils now. Instead of jilbab, they prefer wearing hijab. Hijab has replaced jilbab and currently becomes the new way of dressing for young Moslem women, even teenagers. Hijab and jilbab basically have the same meaning, which is to cover women and protect them from unwanted treatments. However, hijab style offers bright colors like pink or yellow, various veil creation, two-piece kind of dresses that sometimes show the body curve because the outfits are not too loose like conventional jilbab ones.

Hijabers, a nick for women who wear hijabs, are often seen young, fresh, fashionable and cool. Their style has become trending since last year and it seems that more and more young Moslem women wear hijabs because of them. More surprisingly, in 2012 several hijabers went online and established a community for hijabers named Hijabers Community (HC). Hijabers community established in every big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and etc. They have made tutorial videos on how to stylize the veil and posted them on blog, and as well shared the latest hijab style, fashion tips, life events, community reports, and memberships. Not only being active online, HC also compiled the hijab tutorial photos into books. The books are now displayed in best-selling section in bookstores all over Jakarta. Their event also corporate with famous local brand such as Wardah cosmetics.  From what I see, Internet has united the hijabers and turned them into the new walking fashion icons in daily life. Before hijabers exist like nowadays, women had to go to the market to buy veils and the style are so freakin boring. Now they can buy veils and stylish Moslem hijabs with various colors and fashionable-gorgeous style through online shops.

Hijabers plays with bright color and motive

Feed the Fish & Swimming with Jaws @National Marine Park at Karimun Jawa Island

Ikan doyan nasi?! Yup, Anda berkesempatan menyuapi ikan dengan nasi jika datang ke Pulau Karimun Jawa, the most unforgettable Snorkling moment. What will you get here? Buanyaaaak, berenang dengan Hiu salah satunya. Done that, yeaaay. I must admit that swimming with Jaws even they rated as baby jaws, watched them swimming so fast near to my leg-meat, scared me to death! “Dinner served,” I believe one of them said that word, jiahaahaa. Bayi-bayi Hiu yang menggemaskan itu tidak kerdil, panjangnya saja mencapai lengan pria dewasa. Hitam, licin, dan berenang sangat cepat, sangat mengintimidasi pengunjung yang sedang nyemplung ke kolam Hiu. Untungnya si Ikan Hiu masih baby, bukan Abg Labil yang kelewat galau trus nyolek-nyolek ngajak kenalan. Hadeeeeeh!

Feed the fish With Rice, they love it!

Who said that finding nemo is hard? well, I’m met Nemo! without his best friend-Dorry, fiuuuh. Sayangnya kualitas kamera under water yang tersedia agak terbatas, sehingga warna-warni ikan yang sebenarnya mempesona tidak terlihat di foto. Si oranye Nemo terlihat imut dengan garis putih-oranye. Garis putih pada Ikan zebra, dilihat dari dekat memiliki corak agak keemasan alias gold. Entah karena efek sinar matahari yang menerobos air laut lalu membias pada warna kulit si ikan atau memang ada corak gold disana. Selain Nemo dan Zebra, berbagai jenis ikan dengan warna-warna cerah turut serta dalam lomba makan nasi antar penghuni laut, mereka berenang lincah dari balik terumbu karang lalu dengan sigap menangkap butiran nasi. Bukan bermaksud  mengotori laut dengan nasi, ini hanya ditujukan untuk memancing mereka mendekati kita. Sebelumnya pengunjung bisa berkonsultasi dengan lokal guide, mengenai daerah mana yang ikannya menyukai nasi dan mana yang tidak, jangan sampai nasi yang sudah di tebar terbuang percuma dan malah mengotori laut.

The Jaws Pool, They are swimming Under Me…arrrrghhhhhhhh

That freakin jaws pool….Rrrgh. Knowing the fact that i was swimming with bule ganteng agak memberikan efek menenangkan. Biaya yang dikeluarkan di Pulau Karimun sangat terjangkau, 450 ribu untuk pelayanan 3 hari dua malam. Sudah termasuk penginapan, makan mewah 3 kali sehari, bahkan piknik di pulau tak berpenghuni sambil bakar ikan, snorkling time, dan tiket kapal kartini yang membawa pengunjung dari Jepara ke Pulau karimun dan kembali ke Jepara. Jadi yang perlu disiapkan adalah biaya transportasi dari kota Anda menuju Jepara. Kisaran harga bus menuju Jepara dari Jakarta adalah 100 hingga 150 ribu untuk kelas Executive super nyaman, lengkap dengan wifi, selimut tebal, gratis makan malam, dan kamar mandi di dalam bus. Perjalanan tidak akan terasa melelahkan karena fasilitas bis yang super sekali.

Dont forget to bring any game or any gadjet

Trust me, perjalanan dari Jepara menuju Karimun Jawa sukses memakan waktu 6-7 jam. Sungguh terasa membosankan sekali, jadi saya sarankan membawa alat-alat anti bosan seperti kartu Uno ataupun monopoli untuk dimainkan bersama. Menyewa kasur di kapal juga sangat disarankan, tidur juga hapus bosan. Antimo? obat ampuh itu jangan sampai ketinggalan yah. Angin laut yang kencang kerap kali membuat badan menjadi tidak enak, jadi gunakan antimo dan minyak kayu putih untuk menjaga kondisi badan

Banyak bule di kapal kartini?
Jangan heran jika menemukan banyak bule berkeliaran di kapal Kartini, they love Indonesia!!!. Bule yang sukses terjaring dan eksis di foto asalnya dari Eropa, dia bilang laut Indonesia tidak boleh dilewatkan. Sedangkan laut di Eropa cenderung dingin dan beku,  tidak banyak yang bisa dilakukan. Si bule suka banget kerupuk Indonesia dan minta dikirimkan ke eropa. Kerupuk murah meriah sih, tapi kalau dikirim ke luar negeri jadi berapa tuh harganya?.

Bule: ayo berenang bareng Hiu

Me: sibuk pake pelampung

Bule: *bengong*

Me: what???

Bule: you guys so funny, you have so many ocean but you can not swim? that weird!

Me: *silent is gold*

*muntah kelabang*